Because We Love Children

Andrew Clements Does it Again

on July 21, 2013

Andrew Clements is one of my favorite authors for elementary-aged children.  He writes in a way that engages the reader and makes him/her think. Clements’ book, About Average, is no exception. My kids and I listened to the audio book version in our car.

In About Average, Jordan Johnston feels like she is just ordinary. She makes a list of the things she is great at, okay at, and not good at. Her “okay at” list is so much shorter that her “great at” list! Do you ever feel like that?  For more information on Andrew Clements and his books, visit  http://www.andrewclements.com/

My kids and I talked about our talents and what truly makes us valuable as human beings. We also discussed Andrew Clements” careful use of foreshadowing and including details that would make the climax in the story understandable.

For you adults who would like to read more on the subject of being average (or not), and how talent and IQ play into the mix, I recommend The Genius in All of Us by David Shenk. When I picked up the audio book version at the library, I thought it would be another “Rah, rah, sis, boom bah! You can do it! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” kind of a book. And that would have been okay. I can use a little pep talk now and again. But it was so much more.  The Genius in All of Us is packed with scientific information that will make you ponder just how much of what we accomplish in this short Earth life has to do with talent, IQ, and genes and just how much hard work and passion for our pursuit might come into play. Great food for thought. For more information on David Shenks , go to http://geniusblog.davidshenk.com/

Happy reading!


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